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ATHLETICS / Fall 2010

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Cross Country
HEAD COACH A. Scott Griggs 206.252.6282

Boy's and Girl's Golf
HEAD COACH Cara McEvoy 206.252.6282

This year’s Varsity golf team was incredibly small, but mighty. With only 3 girls and 2 boys, the team showed up each week to compete against teams of 6 girls and 8 boys.  In addition to always being outnumbered, the Franklin team (4 of which have played for 4 or less years) was usually outplayed.  Even though we were beat by over 100 points almost every time, our Franklin players went out there and always gave 100%. 

Our girls team (Nasiroh, Tammy, and Alli) is known as the “nicest”  and “funniest” girls team around.  No matter who they were playing against, they had fun, were always supportive and positive, and maintained great spirits.  When we showed up to matches, I would see the other girls’ teams get excited to play with ours because they knew how much fun they were going to have that afternoon.

Our boys team (Sam and Clay) faced a slightly different challenge.  14 months ago Sam and Clay showed up to the first day of golf and neither of them had ever really played golf, let alone touch a club.  I taught them the basics of the swing..etc and they were naturals.  After a year of practice, they started competing this season. In each match they were competing against boys who not only have played at Country Clubs their entire lives, but were scoring at the professional level. (Unfortunately Sam and Clay are not quite at the professional level yet).  In the face of this intimidating challenge, Sam and Clay still competed with the same intensity they do on the baseball field.  This year at the Metro tournament only 1 Seattle Public School player qualified to move on to Districts.  However, the SPS kids fought hard and showed their unwillingness to give up in the face of a challenge.

I know golf is not the most exciting sport and at Franklin we only have 5 Varsity golf players, however please congratulate the 2010 golfers on an amazing season.  They have played so hard each day. 

I would also like to brag that between all 5 golfers we have a total of 24 As, 3Bs and only 1C!!!  Yeah Student Athletes!!!

Football - Varsity
HEAD COACH Ny'Ika Long 206.252.6282


Girl's Soccer
HEAD COACH David Haley 206.252.6282

HEAD COACH Lucy Zhou 206.252.6282


Head Coaches
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Boy's Golf Cara McEvoy 206.252.6282
Girl's Soccer David Haley 206.252.6282
Football Ny'Ika Long 206.252.6282
Volleyball Lucy Zhou 206.252.6282
Cross Country A. Scott Griggs 206.252.6282
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