March 10th, 2010

Welcome to the Franklin Teen Health Center!  Our staff of six is available to provide a full range of health services to all students Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.  We provide a full range of medical services, preventive care, social/emotional and mental health care, counseling, medication administration and management, and more.  Here’s who we are and what we do:

Providers working in the Franklin Teen Health Center are Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners Bobbie Herrick (Monday-Wednesday), Paula Togawa (Thursday), and Alana Murphy (Friday).  They provide physical exams, sports physicals, reproductive health care, and can assess, diagnose, and prescribe medication for a large array of medical conditions.  Melissa Witteveen provides mental health counseling to teens, and also is the brave and fearless leader of QTIP.  Ronica Hairston coordinates care, arranges appointments, and serves as a loving teen champion and friend to all.  Robin Fleming is the school nurse.  Unlike the other THC staff, she works for the school district instead of Group Health.  She writes health care plans for teens with chronic and acute medical concerns, provides triage and care for health complaints, provides health education and communication to parents, students, and school staff concerning infectious disease or other threats to public health, responds to school emergencies, works on ensuring our population is fully immunized, and serves as a liaison between THC staff and other community providers.  Robin is at Franklin Tuesday through Friday.