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Production Resources

September 10, 2008

School Video News–an online production magazine with great articles on tips, ideas, how-tos, student produced work and more.
The Morning News–resources from SVN focused on the production¬†of a school broadcast
Student Television Network–many schools across the country are part of this organization
HTV–Televison for Teens, by teens is the motto of this online magazine
AFI ScreenNation–great video lessons on storyboarding, scripting, camerawork, and other production topics.
VideoMaker Magazine–This magazine and web site is full of great information about video techniques and equipment and has a cool Tips-and-Tricks Section.
Grammar of TV and FILM–terms and definitions that are important to know.
Media College–an education resource website with informatiopn about many forms of electronic communication.
Television Production Course–A complete textbook–online.¬† Features over 70 modules with many readings and examples.
KWN–Kid Witness News has information about the video contest and an excellent glossary of video terms.–Although the site is aimed at selling books, it has a tips section that is very good.
Collection of Media Studies Related Links from Aberystwyth University


many can be found through youtube, schooltube and teachertube—just search for “high school news”

The Rock –Anacortes High School does a weekly newscast using a tricaster
Wilddcat TV–Oak harbor high School use US Education Tv to stream shows
K-AHS–a show from Austin High School
PMN–Parkland High Schools morning news show plus other videos produced in this Pennsylvania school
Communication High School–their screening room has many examples of student work
Chicago Vocational Career Academy–has some newscasts and other videos
–West Seattle high Schools broadcasts—broken link
KNHC–Nathan Hale uses iTunes to share their work—open and use KNHC as a search term list—many schools that have broadcasts
ETV–Wykoff Middle School’s daily newscast
ISTV–Irving School District’s site with 4 different high school newscasts
Boston HS Newscast Contest–2008 winners from a locat television station sponsored competition
HDVMagazine–an online site with great examples of teen produced work
Mustang News–stories and videos from Capacino High
Hoover High School News
Tiger News
Sample student Videos–from Moose Jaw School.



POST-PRODUCTION–Editing and Effects

Final Cut Studio Tutorials—Apples website has video tutorials for FCP, livetype, soundtrack and motion
Ken Stone–a long-time professional video editor shares tips and how-to’s
Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group–a resource for editors in the industry to share and get help
iTunes Podcast Tutorials—these are great resources that have new topics added on a regular basis

iMovie Tips and Tricks–simple how to’s to make your movies better
iMovie Links–this is another teachers collection of links for iMovie–full of examples, tutorials and other helpful information.

Claymation–everything from story ideas to equipment and software.
Animated Language–ideas and examples for simple animation

Getting Video for Presentations–step by step guide to save a video from YouTube for presentations or editing